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Violetta Simatupang

Ikut prihatin atas musibah seorang teman hotelier yang barusan sekali oleh hakim diputuskan 'guilty' dan harus membayar sanksi plus mendekam sementara di dalam lapas. Apa pasal ? Pelecehan seksual ! Korbannya, seorang yg sedang magang - yang orangtuanya ...penegak hukum terpandang. CCTV adalah saksi bisu yang sangat mumpuni. Semoga musibah ini jadi pelajaran beliau seumur hidupnya.

Jadi teringat , dulu di hotel yang pernah saya bantu, saya minta manajemen memasang poster besar berisi '10 ethical principles for hospitality managers' (di bawah ini) dalam meeting room yang selalu digunakan untuk rapat dan briefing para supervisor, dept head dan GM hotel. Sekali seminggu , para supervisor dan dept head diwajibkan mengucapkan keraskeras 10 prinsip tersebut, luar kepala. Ya, betul, seperti dulu ketika kita harus menghafal Pancasila : ). Dalam pekerjaan apapun , kekhilafan terjadi...wajar saja. Namun barangkali dengan terus menerus mengingat kode etik hospitality ini, para manajer jadi lebih ingat, lebih kuat, lebih hati-hati bertindak, agar tak mudah terjerembab.

1. Commitment to excellence- Hospitality managers pursue excellence in performing their duties and are willing to put more into their job than they can get out of it.

2. Trustworthiness- Hospitality managers are trustworthy and candid in supplying information and in correcting misapprehensions of fact. They do not create justifications for escaping their promises and commitments.

3. Integrity- Hospitality managers demonstrate the courage of their convictionsby doing what they know is right even when there is pressure to do otherwise.

4. Concern and respect for others- Hospitality managers are concerned, respectful,compasionate, and kind. They are sensitive to the personal concerns of their colleagues and live the Golden Rule. They respect the rights and interests of all those who have a stake in their decisions.

5. Accountability- Hospitality managers are personally accountable for the ethical quality of their decisions, as well as those of their subordinates.

6. Honesty- Hospitality managers are honest and truthful. They do not misleador deceive others by misrepresentations.

7. Loyalty- Hospitality managers demonstrate loyalty to their companies indevotion to duty and loyalty to colleagues by friendship in adversity. They avoid conflicts of interest; do not use or disclose confidential information;and, should they accept other employment, they respect the proprietary information of their former employer.

8. Fairness- Hospitality managers are fair and equitable in all dealings; they neither arbitrarily abuse power nor take undue advantage of another’s mistakes or difficulties. They treat all individuals with equality, with tolerance and acceptance of diversity, and with an open mind.

9. Leadership- Hospitality managers are conscious of the responsibility and opportunities of their position of leadership. They realize that the bestway to instill ethical principles and ethical awareness in their organizations is by example. They walk their talk!

10. Reputation and morale- Hospitality managers seek to protect and build the company’s reputation and the morale of its employees by engaging in conduct that builds respect. They also take whatever actions are necessaryto correct or prevent inappropriate conduct of others.


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