Track 1: Tech Innovations & Solutions for the Hospitality & Foodservice Industries

17 July 2019

Are you holding the key to the next big thing that can spark a disruption/revolution in the hospitality and foodservice sectors? We are looking for innovative tech solutions in the following areas:

AI and Robotics 

Blockchain Technologies 

Business Automation 

Digital Apps & Technologies for front-of-house, food preparation and operations 

Inventory & Payment Solutions 

Integrated Supply Chain 

Track 2: Sustainability - A Tangible Footprint

18 July 2019 

Do you have the solution to radically transform sustainable practices in the hospitality and foodservice sectors? We want you if you have solutions in: 

Novel Ingredients or Functional Foods (including plant-based, cell-based products) 

Foodwaste Solutions 


Process Enhancement (including solutions for converting food manufacturing by-products into new and usable products 

Urban Food Production 

Call for entries is now open till 19 June 2019.

Cash and other exciting prizes await the winners! 

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