Located in the heart of London’s fashionable West End, Liberty House has debuted as the latest flexible coworking environment launched by the Office Group (TOG). The distinctive space was crafted in partnership with SODA Studio, which drew upon the commercial legacy of the neighborhood with color, pattern, and sculptural form.

“SODA is no stranger to working within historic settings, but few are as awe-inspiring as this building along Regent Street, with its concave curving façade, which is topped by one of London’s most impressive sculptural friezes,” says SODA Studio director Laura Sanjuan. “The dramatic context provides an incredible opportunity to create responsive work space design that caters for communal activity and secluded spaces.”

The new concept occupies a mock-Tudor structure that is now home to the large and communal Liberty House as well as Liberty Rooms, which comprises a series of dedicated event and meeting spaces. The interior design of Liberty House echoes a posh retail aesthetic reminiscent of high-end stores located on nearby Regent and Carnaby Streets, and the expansive collaborative spaces are ensconced in a calming palette of bright tones, Altrock and Durat terrazzo surfaces, and ritzy scalloped textures. A central lounge is interspersed with joinery pieces to promote craftsmanship, while intimate meeting booths separated by curtains populate office floors.

Meanwhile, the Liberty Rooms range from vivacious rooms that amplify deep reds and yellows to soothing, more refined rooms that are elegantly characterized by warm beige, deep green, and Italian-inspired furniture. Custom neon artwork by Gods Own Junkyard also punctuates the reception area behind a translucent sheer curtain.

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