BASILE Studio and Jules Wilson Devise an Interactive Art Installation in San Diego

San Diego firms BASILE Studio and Jules Wilson Design Studio have revealed their collaborative design of the South lobby of Diega, a mixed-use high-rise in downtown San Diego. The flexible space was crafted to complement both its residential and retail tenants with a responsive design informed by nature.

“As the world adapted to life in a pandemic, we’ve also had to adjust our original plans for this lobby corner,” says Jules Wilson, founder of her eponymous studio. “We partnered with BASILE Studio to turn the available space into a one-of-a-kind, interactive art installation—an urban forest that also operates as a multifunctional area for residents to utilize for coworking, social gatherings, lounging, and more.”

A moving treetop installation fills the spacious lobby, which is populated with modular furniture in neutral tones and natural materials. Abstract calligraphic artwork by artist Austen Segal adorns a trio of 20-foot-tall concrete columns to inject a refreshing reinterpretation of the urban forest theme. The undulating trees are also engineered to respond to sound—subtly swaying and changing color akin to a living forest.

“The beating heart of our designs has always been interactive architecture,” adds BASILE Studio founder Paul Basile. “Employing our signature mechatronic methodology, a cross between mechanical engineering and electronics, allows us to create an immersive experience that will transport people to a different place. Diega was no exception.”

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