Greek hospitality brand Numo Hotels & Resorts is set to make its mark on the hospitality world with the launch of its maiden concept, Numo Ierapetra, this July. London-based Studio LOST is spearheading the design of the forthcoming resort, which will draw upon the natural splendor of the Cretan locale to inform a bohemian aesthetic.

“We crafted an escapist palette, fresh color schemes, and took a simple approach,” says Studio LOST founder Constantina Tsoutsikou. “Instead of going in with a preconceived rigid plan, we allowed nature and the landscape to speak to our souls first. The result is a resort that feels intimate and invites you to slow down and enjoy.”

Earthy, natural finishes will complement the surrounding environment—channeling the beach via light gray hues and tamarisk trees through notes of green. Relaxed, versatile furnishings will inject a tactility into each space, accented with soft fabrics that invite touch.

A signature Mediterranean eatery, Menoa, will serve as the centerpiece of the F&B lineup, which will include also include beachside bar Maré Maré. Sustainability is also a key component of Numo Ierapetra, which aims to be 100 percent plastic-free by 2022 and zero-waste by next season.

A total of 17 low-rise guestroom buildings will cascade toward the beach and blur the lines between indoors and outdoors. Ranging from cozy to expansive suites, accommodations reinforce the setting with uninterrupted vistas. Round beds and chaise loungers will be installed atop the gray slate decking of each terrace. Upcycled wardrobes and headboards and reconditioned bedside timber tables will also be featured to honor the brand’s eco-friendly principles.

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