Restaurateur and chef Massimo Bottura has partnered with architect India Mahdavi to restore Ristorante Cavallino in Maranello, Italy. Located opposite the luxury sports car manufacturer’s factory, the restaurant, originally established in 1950, is a landmark in the Ferrari legacy and served as a meeting and event space for Enzo Ferrari throughout the 20th century.

The culinary concept’s contemporary redesign evokes an authentic simplicity that echoes the design traditions of historic trattorias while also honoring the legacy of the brand. “Cavallino celebrates the delights of an Italian way of life,” Mahdavi says, “with a certain sense of comfort and taste—it’s a new experience brought to the Italian trattoria.”

Ferrari’s iconic prancing horse logo is found throughout the reborn eatery—adorning perforated metal on the gates as well as a glass mosaic on the walls of the interior. Traditional terracotta tiling spans the floors, in an earth-and-ivory checkerboard pattern.

In addition to tables accented with red chairs, benches and backrests are upholstered in striking yellow leather reminiscent of a car interior. Oak panels adorn the walls along with photographs, posters, souvenirs, and other Ferrari memorabilia that instills history and a sense of place. Redesigned in collaboration with landscape architect Marco Bay, Ristorante Cavallino’s patio hosts alfresco dining beneath a pergola and against the backdrop of lush greenery. An upper balcony bordering two private rooftop lounges also serves as an outdoor dining alternative.

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