Chef, author, and television personality Ayesha Curry has added to her entrepreneurial repertoire with Sweet July: a flagship store and quarterly lifestyle magazine. Located in Oakland, California’s Uptown neighborhood, the Sweet July store and café boasts an airy, modern aesthetic courtesy of Christine Lin, principal and owner of San Francisco-based design practice Form + Field.

“When creating the concept for the space, we kept the key brand words of attainable luxury, authenticity, and experiential top of mind,” Lin says. “We unified the overall space through the use of grand gestures, such as the large custom-designed acoustic light fixtures, and a warm, neutral color palette.”

Upon arrival, pleated pendants made from acoustic felt descend from the ceiling to contextualize the open layout. Oak and walnut elements infuse the experiential retail environment with warmth and an air of accessibility, while locally sourced artwork and furniture highlight Oakland craftsmanship across eight different vignettes. For instance, the space features a wall of mixed media portraits of Black women by artist Micheal J Lopez, as well as an abstract floor-to-ceiling mural inspired by hibiscus, which Curry’s brother Jaz created in homage to their family’s Jamaican roots.

Flexibility was kept top of mind in order to support an evolving rotation of goods—including kitchen, tableware, beauty, bedding, food, and stationery—showcased on reconfigurable shelves, racks, pedestals, and wall displays. The repetition of round shapes and linear motifs further echo the theme of functionality.

“We’re so grateful for the opportunity to create a retail experience that has become much more than just a store,” Lin adds. “It’s a space where the community gathers and is proud to claim for Oakland.”

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