Crafted by Jakarta-based Conteur Interior and Avere Design, the 3,200-square-foot ET Tea Bar has opened in Malang City, East Java, Indonesia, featuring playful doses of psychedelia. “Bringing Melbourne-style café experience to Malang City, ET Tea Bar café has a laidback and relaxed atmosphere with a touch of sci-fi elements, where the emphasis is put on the café’s cosmic and playful drinks,” says Adrian Hartanto, interior designer for Conteur Interior. “ET Tea Bar’s mission is to leave an impression of happiness for everyone who visits.”

Conceived as the hideout for alien life newly arrived on Earth, the F&B space is detailed with color blocking and holographic stickers. Refraction and reflection of color occurs throughout with neon lights positioned at the entrance to immerse guests in the cosmic narrative upon arrival. Staggered pedestals on one wall showcase greenery against a backdrop of exposed brick and stainless steel surfaces. Amphitheater-style seating pairs with counter seating and a coworking area to maximize flexibility.

Sustainability also informs the project, thanks to skylights that infuse the space with natural light to reduce artificial light pollution. Locally sourced boulders were used to create a raised floor, while partitions open up to the outdoor area to reduce the need for air conditioning.

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