La Midas Institute of Wellness has debuted within a 22-year-old former residence in Gurugram, Delhi, India. Crafted by New Delhi-based Creative Designer Architects (CDA), the facility promotes women’s health amid imposing forms and experiences.

“At CDA, we strive to create spaces that integrate innovation, adaptability, and sustainability,” says Ravideep Singh, associate director for CDA. “The brief to remodel a 20-year-old residence into a wellness center allowed us to create transformative architecture. La Midas exemplifies how architects can repurpose existing buildings to minimize environmental impacts and create meaningful spaces.”

A double-skin façade wraps the first floor of the facility along its southern face to minimize heat gain in summer months, as well as express a singular curb appeal. Spread across 24,000 square feet, La Midas optimizes its residential layout with greater openness defined by clean lines and bold moments of fluidity. Abundant daylighting instills calm in tandem with interior finishes in pastel and muted tones. To perpetuate both uniformity and visual interest, a two-toned, semicircular pattern leads visitors through the corridors and living areas, which have been reimagined as waiting rooms. Peripheral rooms were transformed to host counseling and consulting as well.

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