The Soul Realm Spa House in Hangzhou, China has been completed on the 13th floor of a commercial structure overlooking the Qiantang River. Designed by locally based design studio Atelier Right Hub, the new wellness concept occupies more than 2,300 square feet and entices visitors with a motif of circles inspired by a singing bowl. “Atelier Right Hub created a cave-like spa in Hangzhou, China, with a network of interconnected, circular rooms and walls finished in white clay,” explains Gong Jian, founding partner of Atelier Right Hub.

All extraneous decoration is omitted from the space, which is defined by circular rooms, streamlined walls, curved ceilings, and sinuous furniture. White clay floors and walls infuse texture across the interior to perpetuate an atmosphere reminiscent of a primitive earth. Minimal light fixtures further support the theme, allowing natural light to illuminate the spa via arc-shaped windows.

The sunken semi-circular lounge is animated by an off-green banquette that anchors the stark space. A continuous silicon neon strip spans the curvature of the space for an added artful flair. Furthermore, the massage room is penetrated by a custom brass fixture suspended from the ceiling to function as a garment hanger, and a shower room is also featured onsite.

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