YOD Group Envisions an Earthen-Filled Restaurant in Ukraine

YOD Group has completed its latest restaurant project, Salobie, in the heart of Chernihiv, Ukraine. Spread across the first floor and basement of a four-story building, Salobie is punctuated by massive seven-tiered chandeliers composed of steel circular elements and ceramic dome lights reminiscent of the large ceramic vessels used to store wine in Ukraine.

“In Salobie’s interior the element of earth is dominating. The earth as the texture and also as the vine terroir,” says YOD cofounder and art director Dmytro Bonesko. “We were encouraged by its color palette, warmth, and generosity. There are clay tandoor ovens and kvevri vessels in gastronomic Georgian culture. We rethought such traditional forms and built the modern vision upon them.”

A terracotta color palette anchors the interior, accented by exposed brick walls and ceramic floor and stairway tiles. Leather-upholstered sofas inject a brown, earthen hue into the environment alongside armchairs clad with light, tactile coverings. The wine cabinet transcends the mezzanine and the first floor as it artfully showcases the restaurant’s collection behind glass.

A glazed ovular void in the floor frames a glimpse into Salobie’s subterranean bar, dubbed the Vinyl Bar. Located in the basement, this space accented by a wall of installation of spirit bottles and artificial fog to infuse a chamber-like ambiance.

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