A new retail space for luxury jeweler Cartier has been completed by Klein Dytham architecture (KDa) in Osaka. Occupying a corner in the high-end shopping district of Shinsaibashi, the store boasts a striking curb appeal with a 3D wooden exterior that injects warmth into the glossy commercial corridor.

“The Cartier façade brings a fresh aesthetic to a high-end brand known for its older classic Western architecture storefronts and its newer contemporary minimalist buildings,” KDa said in a statement. “It’s the first time the company has ventured in such a direction, bringing wood into the design. The warm and welcoming aesthetic anticipates a need to take the intimidation out of luxury shopping.”

Domestically sourced hinoki wood composes the exterior design along with an aluminum structural framework. Hinoki, which is typically used for the construction of Japanese temples, shrines, and castles, is naturally stable and water-resistant. The pattern of subtly protruding, interlocking diamonds nods to the Parisian brand’s iconic jewelry as well as traditional Japanese hinoki masu, or sake boxes.

The double-height entrance arch and side windows are left exposed to draw the attention of passersby to the two-floor interior. Morning sunlight enhances the characteristic beauty of the installation, while individual LED lights added to each hinoki unit illuminate the design after hours.

Ultimately, the soft natural exterior offers a new look for the brand and stands out among the urban landscape. “Ecologically conscious in design and material, the façade is a step in a new direction for luxury shopping,” KDa adds. “The natural and softer aesthetic helps foster a more pleasant environment in the city. Like an oasis in the predominantly concrete city, it surprises passersby and can help elevate their mood.”

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