The iconic Beverly Hills Hotel has unveiled a lineup of 11 luxe private cabanas restored by New York-based Champalimaud Design. Each of the poolside retreats are crafted to evoke an inviting residential-style flair while also paying homage to the chic visual identity of the historic hotel, which was originally constructed in 1912.

“What distinguishes the Beverly Hills Hotel from all others is its magical history. Through time it has been the destination of movie stars and socialites, kings and queens. Vivacious and brimming with life, there is a particularly strong culture around the swimming pool and cabanas,” says Alexandra Champalimaud, the design firm’s founder and president . “The cabanas hold prime seats to a mesmerizing show of beautiful people wading in clusters, chatting in groups as laughter permeates the air.”

Pink banana leaf wallpaper wraps the cabanas, soothingly showcasing large bright leaves and waving banana palms. Cabanas are further distinguished by terrazzo coffee tables and basket weave seating, while locally sourced peach pink tables are installed to perpetuate the color palette and complement the hotel’s original green interiors. Internal pink and white striped awnings are also featured to maximize comfort.

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