Following its recent acquisition of Knoll, Inc. for $1.8 billion, Herman Miller has announced that both world-renowned furniture manufacturers, as well as their legacy brands, will continue on as distinct brands under the new MillerKnoll bannel. The rebranded company will have a new operating model as well to ensure strong brand ownership as it aims to transform the industry and the conventions of modern design.

“We are excited to introduce MillerKnoll, a collective of dynamic brands coming together to design the world we live in,” says Andi Owen, president and CEO of MillerKnoll. “Our industry—and the world in general—is changing rapidly. Design is the way we imagine and shape a better future. In coming together, we will define and lead this transformation, like we have other transformations in our histories.”

The combined companies will merge their respective legacies and build upon their existing portfolios to further innovate the home and office—all with a commitment to sustainability and social good. Executive leadership will comprise a lineup of leaders from both Herman Miller and Knoll. “We are a group of people and brands guided by a shared vision, common values, and a steadfast commitment to design,” Owen adds. “As MillerKnoll, we’ll push and inspire each other to innovate and design the future for all the places where life happens.”

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