New York-based architecture and design firm Stonehill Taylor has completed Somewhere Nowhere, an immersive new lounge, nightclub, and pool in Manhattan. Located atop the Renaissance Hotel on its 38th and 39th floors, the 5,150-square-foot concept is designed to echo the hotel’s ethos—with antique brickwork and wooden ceiling beams that complements the lush floral atmosphere.

“We wanted to stay true to the ‘secret garden’ concept and design aesthetic throughout the rest of the hotel,” says Wally Aubuchon, senior interior designer for Stonehill Taylor. “It was also important to keep the roof lush with plantings and greenery to weave in the garden concept.”

The multisensory experience ensconces guests in a fairytale, beginning with decadent archways punctuating the entrance to a dreamy passageway. The design team looks to simulate all five senses through vibrant lighting, an innovative sound system, and curated forest scents.

Custom artwork depicting gnomes and fireflies animate the interior, while neon signage and fantastical lantern sconces recall a bygone world. Bricks are painted black to instill moodiness complementary to green marble stone lining the base of the bar. Custom wallcoverings featuring over-scaled flowers in sultry, saturated tones stretch across the 20-foot-tall walls.

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