Following the renovation of De Biertuin East more than five years, Studio Modijefsky was again commissioned to reinterpret German biergarten vernacular for the restaurant’s newest Amsterdam location, De Biertuin West. The design injects an authentic biergarten atmosphere indoors, while an urban garden hosted across the 560-square-foot outdoor terrace exudes a pervasive sense of warmth and community. The local studio employed a palette of reclaimed materials and harsh textures throughout the venue to balance soothing tones and gentle lighting—creating a dash of sophistication and originality.

“We have tried to take the classic features of a biergarten and use them in a new, refreshing way to create an outstanding interior,” says Studio Modijefsky founder Esther Stam. “Using a lot of weathered wood, aged copper, concrete, and tiles, all mixed with a nice color green and steel elements. [The design] celebrates the culture of craft beer and makes this interior the perfect backdrop for experiencing an impressive beer selection.”

De Biertuin West draws influence from the original architecture of the building it occupies. Dated red brickwork dialogues with the geometry of linear light bulbs and the rhythm of square wood elements. A materiality of concrete, wood, aged red copper, and oxidized green copper reinforces the outdoors, while walls of recycled oak allow leather upholstery and the bar’s dark grey concrete surface to stand out. Existing black and white terrazzo remains intact alongside herringbone wooden floors. Outside, a dozen custom wooden benches and tables are installed beneath a grid of warm lights to organically bond De Biertuin to it surroundings.

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