The urban jungle takes on new form at White Tiger Village, a Beijing eatery crafted to evoke the finesse of Paris. The classy-yet-unfussy concept aims to convey levity through a design by Chinese design firm WAY Studio. “Cozy and elegant, our brief was to create something on par with a Parisian bistro—light but classy,” says WAY Studio cofounder Fernie Lai. “The plot and location meant we had to be smart about our layout, reaching out at the same time as providing what little intimacy we could.”

Totaling nearly 1,900 square feet, White Tiger Village’s intimate layout is considered in the creation of custom tables crafted to support a flexible seating configuration in order to accommodate events and performances. A semi-circular open bar anchors the cavernous natural wine area, which is characterized by natural stone and rough granite surfaces. Topped with semi-polished green stone, the bar is accented with dual tables mounted upon columns.

The cave theme continues beyond a clandestine door at the rear of the restaurant, where a warm, intimate cavern awaits. Two mirrors are installed in the cozy space—one extends the atmosphere to reduce claustrophobia, while the other, a convex mirror, is suspended from the ceiling to reflect the table. A wine cellar also provides a private dining experience for two, beckoning guests with a lantern-like glow from a corner of the interior.

Composed of bronze bead chains, a ceiling installation inspired by the smoke of a Yunnan grill permeates the space, billowing out from the interior beyond the building canopy to establish a levity that eliminates all sense of borders. Staggered patio seating features planters that double as padded backrests to embed diners in the towering trees of the urban landscape.

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