Luxury lifestyle brand Burberry has introduced a new retail space, No. 1 Sloane Street, London—its first flagship to feature the brand’s new global design concept. Developed in collaboration with architect Vincenzo De Cotiis, the design reinterprets classic styles and juxtaposes Brutalist elements with luxe materials to instill a sense of modernity. “We wanted to create a domestic shell, a home where art, culture, and people move through intelligent and elegant modernity. The place as a portrait,” De Cotiis says.

Display fixtures and plinths are constructed with a variety of texture, from concrete to ceramics and high-gloss finishes. Burberry’s signature color palette is also explored throughout the interior, while its iconic pattern is translated across the mirrored zones of the gridded ceiling. Tiled checkerboard floors line the ground floor, where glass cabinets and partitions establish pockets of intimacy among the open interior.

An intricate monochromatic tiled staircase leads shoppers upstairs to the white gloss softness of the womenswear section. Shoes are displayed on a custom tiered architectural island set against a backdrop of large arched windows that wrap the floor and infuse natural light. Sculptural seating areas and an ottoman centerpiece are also installed.

On the next floor, white terrazzo wraps the menswear section, where polished stainless steel fixtures and rails contrast the champagne finishes found on the floor below.

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