Parisian designer Emmanuelle Simon has unveiled Liberté, a new 270-square-foot bakery in the city’s 7th arrondissement.

The concept is to have an authentic and memorable experience,” Simon says. “The cozy atmosphere is a feeling that results from a multitude of details, including natural materials, colors, and the round shapes of the furniture, lighting, and the arches.”

Blue stone floors recall Parisian paving stones and establish continuity with the exterior design. Arches reminiscent of cloisters act as a backdrop for the rounded lines of ceiling lights and stools, while raku, a Japanese ceramic, was selected for its cracks and other visual similarities to bread freshly out of the oven.

A narrow vertical opening in the rear of the space invites a look into the kitchen as the bakers work. Handcrafted, solid wood elements add a bespoke, elegant touch to the space as well. “The raw nature of materials breathe a note of authenticity into the carefully designed lines of the architecture,” Simon adds.

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