German architect Ole Scheeren has revealed plans for the Abaca Resort in the Filipino province of Cebu. Conceived as a fully integrated experience, the project will convey a narrative grounded in the wonder of nature and the local legacies of craftsmanship. “This project is telling a story,” says Scheeren, who leads international architecture firm Büro Ole Scheeren. “A story of discovery and surprise, a story of wonder and curiosity, a story of the language of architecture and the power of tropical nature. It is a journey through the rainforest, the exploration of habitable structures, places of rest and repose—an intimate sensory experience.”

Proposed for development within a rainforest clearing, Abaca will greet visitors via a tree canopy and open-air lobby set against the backdrop of cascading waterfalls and pools. Arched colonnades will be conceived to recall ancient archaeological structures, while multi-level terraces accented by greenery and water basins will accommodate both private and intimate meetings. Linear piers stretching into the sea will be constructed as well.

With sustainability top of mind, the resort will employ a number of energy-saving strategies, including maximizing natural ventilation via open corridors lined with green pocket gardens. Water conservation systems custom made for tropical climates will also be installed.

Suites and sky villas will be characterized by arch motifs to to instill a residential-style sense of containment and enclosure. Generous outdoor terraces and private plunge pools will elevate each accommodation, which boast sweeping views of the sea.

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