Durkan, Mohawk Group’s hospitality brand, has launched Rheo Morph as part of the Waterways Project, which celebrates the powerful, evolving nature of rivers. The flooring collection draws attention to the ways rivers physically mark our environment, leaving patterns and scars on landscapes as they transition, change, and reshape.

“The patterns and stories behind our rivers inspire us,” says Arnavaz Barshan, Durkan’s director of design. “Tapping into this inspiration, we designed Rheo Morph to encourage respect for and protection of our water ecosystems. The collection fosters a symbiotic relationship with rivers and hospitality spaces.”

Rheo Morph is available in Definity, a Durkan exclusive that offers creative flexibility across color, pattern, and texture. It is also available in Durkan’s Pattern Perfect, PDI carpet tile, and tufted broadloom.

“This is a stunning collection that invites the beautiful flux and flow energy of water into our spaces,” Barshan adds. “The collection suits a wide range of styles—enhancing and uplifting our interiors.”

Rheo Morph is one of the main collections released in conjunction with the Waterways Project, which is on tour across the country this year offering a sustainable mobile experience. The roadshow journeys through new products, technologies, and initiatives designed to improve our understanding of river health and how rivers support life.

“Our goal is to move design forward by investing in water conservation and restoration, a project that will balance over eight million gallons of water across regions in the U.S.,” explains Jackie Dettmar, Mohawk Group’s vice president of marketing, design, and product development. “We are committed to giving back as we go forward, which is why we want to help create spaces that foster health and wellbeing for generations to come.”

Customers interested in attending the mobile showcase can book private appointment times and order samples onsite directly from Material Bank.

Customer and employee health and safety is a critical aspect of the tour, which will feature state-of-the-art electrostatic sprayers and UV-C germicidal lamps. In order to safely showcase these new product innovations, the mobile showcase will travel to more than 20 cities across the country rather than inviting attendees to a single national location.

“A roadshow makes it easy to promote public health and adhere to local guidelines,” explains Dettmar. “The format allows us to continue our dedication to industry-leading innovation, safely providing our customers with the collaborative and immersive events they expect from Mohawk.”

To discover Rheo Morph, register for the Waterways Project mobile experience today.

This sponsored content was created collaboratively by Durkan and HD. To find out more, go to mohawkgroup.com.

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