With more than 300 brands and 45,000 products to choose from, Hello Raye is a one-stop resource for designers to find inspiration and plan a project without having to juggle multiple platforms and tools. The Hello Raye marketplace, which boasts more than 4,000 active users, analyzes designers’ interactions with products and makes predictions about what they will want to see next.

Users can also upload their own products and design assets to boards to keep product ideas organized, as well as easily compare similar offerings. As a technology platform that aims to help designers make decisions quicker, Hello Raye connects professionals to the appropriate dealers and brands to finish projects efficiently without sacrificing quality. The platform scans which brands and products a designer is planning to use and recommends the dealers who have the most coverage in that project’s region. The company also provides dealers with the tools to market themselves more effectively.

Some of the more than 300 brands offered on Hello Raye

A growing repository of Revit, SketchUp, and CAD files is standardized across all brands and products found on Hello Raye. Designers who come across products without design assets can send an alert to the system, which will generate a notification to dealers or brands to fulfill. For instances when the appropriate assets do not exist, Hello Raye will then scan its database for similar products that have BIM/CAD files readily available.

Gone are the days of navigating dozens of independent sites to find product assets. Hello Raye’s vision is to help professional designers create beautiful spaces by removing obstacles between those who design and those who sell the products they specify.

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