The former St. Mark’s Jazz Club in Venice, California has been reborn as Winston House, a new supper club and music venue. The eclectic atmosphere was crafted by designer Bridget Rynne and partner of hospitality group Local LA Michael Baker to reflect the atmosphere of Winston House co-owner Corey McGuire’s loft, where a concert series was hosted weekly. The pair also referenced Wes Anderson films and the aesthetics of traditional supper clubs to establish intimacy apt for discovering new music.

“We wanted to refine the original offering with even more intention and drama, but keep it still warm and inviting,” Baker says. “Guests should feel like they’ve stepped into something that’s unassuming and as well-worn as the century-old block and building that we’re in. Also, hopefully, a space that remains timeless as the music evolves.”

Large custom woven pendants act as the main focal points in the lobby bar, accented by pink sconces that span the dining room. Mirrors, wood paneling, stained plywood, and vintage speaker fabric compose a warm materiality conceived to establish an inviting sensibility that also infuses a sense of scale and drama informed by a reimagined footprint. “The experience of being there and the palpable energy mixed with the movement of the crowd and sense of discovery was almost as important as the performances and I think this has been captured with the new layout,” Baker adds.

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