Beaverbrook has unveiled its second property, the Beaverbrook Town House, in London’s posh Chelsea district. The hotel comprises two Georgian townhouses, totaling 15,000 square feet, that were opulently updated by Beaverbrook creative director Sir Frank Lowe and designer Nicola Harding. The interiors recall London’s storied theaters as well as Art Deco and Japanese cultural influences.

“The aesthetic throughout the hotel is remarkable, but what is unusual is the abundance of bespoke written histories we’ve introduced without making the hotel feel like a museum,” Lowe says. “I really believe visitors to London are genuinely interested in its rich history, and are hungry for information.”

In place of a formal reception, a cozy library welcomes visitors. The space features an Art Deco-inspired narrative that calls to mind the 1920s and ’30s. Tiles and tactile textures abound alongside vibrant colors, statement wallpaper, bespoke marbled collages, and pineapple motifs. Corridors and public spaces are also punctuated with a curated art collection that conjures a sense of nostalgia across the hotel.

The 60-seat Fuji Grill serves as Beaverbrook Town House’s key social hub, and is bedecked with a collection of 19th-century woodblock prints depicting Mount Fuji that are installed against a backdrop of soft green. Lacquered walls, burnt umber, raspberry pink fitted seats, and berry-bright stained glass—a brand signature—characterize the restaurant’s striking color palette as well.

Localized touches—including whiskey decanters and tea stations—infuse a residential-style elegance into the 14 theatrical suites. Four-poster and half-tester beds anchor each accommodation along with antique bureaus and bedside tables atop oak floors and seagrass carpeting. Upscale theater-style velvet curtains with geometric details further perpetuate the ornate theme as well.

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