Mesoamerican concept HOWM Cocina & Cocktails has debuted atop the Selina Hotel Chelsea in New York. Crafted by Heather Maloney of Definition Design, the convivial venue offsets its industrial backdrop with soft textural finishes that complement a lively, modern ethos. “Materiality was a significant element in the redesign,” Maloney says. “it also allows guests to feel transported to a more tropical locale while being situated on the 10th floor in the center of the Chelsea Arts District.”

Natural elements are layered throughout the rooftop, including faux ivy and bougainvillea accented by vibrant textiles and terracotta elements. Rose, ochre, and muted earth tones further punctuate HOWM to reduce the gray architectural bones of the structure. Topped by oak butcher block tables and rattan lounge chairs, custom woven area rugs infuse an Oaxacan and Incan sensibility into the space as well.

The dual-level garden terrace also invites guests to relax upon bright banquettes and hammock chairs that are set against a medley of pink, fuchsia, and yellow. “Selina is grounded in Latin American culture and it was clear that this project should be no different,” Maloney adds. “It was important to use colors, textures, and materials indicative of their existing locales as well as tying in the bohemian travel experience.”

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