One of several citywide exhibitions completed for this year’s Fuorisalone, “Transsensorial Gateway” was envisioned by Italy- and Germany-based firm Network of Architecture (noa*) as part of the sweeping Creative Connections exhibit. The installation, located at the University of Milan, comprises a crown of structural light beams rising in various heights to dramatically accentuate the historic character of the 17th-century portico it occupies. A light and musical score also creates a unique choreography of light and sound.

“We wanted the visitors to be part of a bigger happening—to feel part of a collective,” says noa* partner Andreas Profanter. “Even if you come alone to visit the installation, you feel connected and embraced by a particular force. You don’t have to have direct contact with other people, each presence is equally manifested through the landscape of light and sound.”

Totaling 540 square feet, the project features stainless steel beams illuminated with LED units that are installed vertically and equipped with anti-glare technology. Each of the 34 beams are coated with mirror to further amplify the presence of users. “We loved working on this project because it brings together three dimensions: architecture, sound, and light,” Profanter adds. “The interactivity of the installation means that it is constantly changing depending on the presence of people.”

“Transsensorial Gateway” closes on Sunday, September 19th, 2021.

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