Roar Studio has completed a new sushi fusion concept, Origami, inside Dubai’s Festival City Mall. The locally based design practice established a visual balance via material and color palettes, while also infusing the restaurant with ample texture.

“We were tasked with imagining a functional space imbued with a sense of Japanese Zen within a very limited budget,” explains Pallavi Dean, founder and creative director of Roar. “We didn’t want to compromise on the design so we decided to unashamedly incorporate low-cost but considered furniture pieces from Ikea with some key bespoke features, which elevate the scheme and give Origami its distinct yet pared-back look.”

The rawness of exposed ceiling informs a neutral palette of sand and gray hues throughout Origami. The sleek but subtle interior is punctuated by elements like a lightweight polyurethane stone panel bar face that evokes the texture of rough stone while also infusing depth and tactility. Backlit black metal mesh is installed under the bar to echo the bespoke light fixtures overhead as well.

Local creative agency Art Painting Lab selected a large mural to further animate the space and establish a playful background for the simple furniture pieces, which include bench seating and freestanding stools and chairs.

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