Milan design firm Studio Wok has completed its design of Myrto, a Sardinian pizzeria crafted to echo the earth tones and tactile landscape of the Italian island. Located on the coast of Costa Smeralda in the locale of Porto Cervo, the restaurant bonds visitors with the setting via framed vistas of the surrounding topography, as well as cavernous indoor and outdoor spaces that appear both rugged and intimate. “In these abstract, curving spaces, colored furnishings and volumes play in contrast—creating a palette of greens that echoes the hues of the landscape,” says Studio Wok cofounder Nicola Brenna.

“The interior space takes on the features of a cave with sinuous shapes and Sardinian earth tones that render the atmosphere homely and intimate, and bring to mind an ancient idea of the Mediterranean,” Brenna continues. “The outdoor patio was also transformed into an interior space [that recalls] an underwater cave with a lightweight roof that reacts to the wind and sunlight and provides a glimpse of the sky.

Sunshine illuminates Myrto’s winding granite surfaces and cement floors, harkening back to an ancient sensibility of the Mediterranean. Sandy pink plaster walls complement the aesthetic while also gently contrasting more vibrant tones featured in the space’s modern light fixtures and furnishings. The counter serves as the central focal point, clad with custom terracotta tiles that were handpainted green. White fabric sheets shelter the alfresco dining area, which is designed akin to a submerged cave that responds to wind and natural light.

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