Sommeliers and New York F&B veterans Jason Jacobeit and Daniel Jung have unveiled their latest venture, Somm Cellars Wine & Spirits, in the Tribeca section of Manhattan. Located in the ground floor of Waterline Square, the new retail space was crafted by Cece Stelljes of Brooklyn-based Stelljes Design to promote a convivial experience over retail transactions.

“The design needed to bring warmth and human scale to a 22-foot tall concrete and glass space that mainly faces the West Side Highway, with a new park on its northern doorstep,” Stelljes says. “Given the owners’ desire to attract a wide demographic, the goal was to balance sophistication with more universal appeal.”

Wood dominates the materiality in the form of white oak floors and custom walnut shelving, while brass, leather, and caning elevate the design without drawing attention away from the bottles. In addition to the rich and diverse collection on display, Somm Cellars is anchored by two central islands—the Horseshoe Bar and the U-Bar—as well as a seated tasting bar and display counters. Suspended greenery and a terracotta-style awning accenting a rear wall infuse a piazza-like ambiance into the lofty, sundrenched interior. A storage catwalk is also featured to contextualize the double-height interior.

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