Studio Modijefsky continues to leave its mark across Amsterdam’s dining landscape with its latest design: the Italian trattoria Volare and its onsite bar Bomboloni’s. Soft colors and rough surfaces unite the two spaces in a sensual vision of Italian summertime that nods to the past while embracing modernity.

“Volare has a fresh vibe. It has a very specific design language that mixes the feel of a classic Italian trattoria and the relaxed vibe of the Amalfi Coast with a distinctive modern twist,” says Studio Modijefsky founder Esther Stam. “The interior has a nice mixture of colors, textures, and materials—a collage of shapes and different light accents that together bring something new and outstanding to the Amsterdam’s dining landscape.”

A gentle palette of red, orange, white, and blue channels the Amalfi Coast. Elegance abounds in the form of ceramic tiles, chalk plaster, striped patterns, cotton fabric, and wooden details mixed with Italian marble to evoke white sand beaches lined with candy-striped parasols. Delicate tints open the doors to the informal-yet-refined cocktail bar backed with a totem upon which bottles are displayed between layers of wood, mirrors, and marble.

Orange shelves showcase pitchers and antique limoncello glasses to inject a sculptural but tactile visual impact. High and low seating outline the space as well, accented by Scarpa-inspired slits and neon light details on the ceiling. An angular chef’s table anchors the trattoria, where a symmetrical grid of silkscreen-printed posters overlooks custom benches that adorn the perimeter. A light beige wall on the opposite side of the room is also segmented by mirror strips.

Soft loose cotton drapes from the ceiling shade the patio in a rhythm of pastel yellow and beige that delineates the pizza-making area from the bespoke wooden wine cabinet and the private downstairs dining area. In the downstairs space, long lines of warm light spheres are suspended from a ceiling covered in soft textile. An irregular and illusory artwork on the lefthand wall plays with perspective and tricks the eye as well. “There are many details that give this interior its specific character,” Stam says. “The wall paintings, whether its weathered stripes of an outspoken composition of shapes and colors, or even 3D shapes, give each area character.”

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