YOD Group has completed the DOT Coffee Station #1 at the threshold of Bessarabska Square in Kiev, Ukraine. Comprising a compact footprint of 330 square feet, the café reinterprets city life with an eclectic-yet-soft rhythm. Moreover, YOD Group and the owners of DOT share an emphasis on environmental impact that is reflected in the concept’s menu and materiality. “Our shared value is a sustainable approach,” says YOD Group cofounder Dmytro Bonesko. “That is how old timber beams, bare brick walls, and recyclable paper cups appeared in the venue.”

Glass sliding doors link the interior design to the surrounding city from which it draws inspiration. A large-scale mosaic pixel artwork depicting an exaggerated facepalm inspired by the oscillation of emotions in city life serves as the interior’s main focal point.

A narrow screen with rolling text also attracts the eyes to further perpetuate this reinterpretation of urban fervor. The café is populated by two tables and a niche outfitted with a bench made of timber that was sourced from the beams of a former barn, which contrast stainless steel elements found throughout the space.

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