At the threshold of McCarren Park in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York, Fandi Mata has debuted as a colorful new Mediterranean concept that emphasizes community. Designer Matthew Maddy collaborated with partners Emil Radonic, Marjanne Motamedi, Dragan Ristovski, and Milos Zica on the redesign of the restaurant’s industrial home, which was originally constructed in 1930.

Spread across 8,000 square feet, Fandi Mata echoes the vibrant flair of the markets and bazaars that line the Mediterranean coasts. “The design of Fandi Mata was inspired by the lifestyle of a modern day Bohemian,” Maddy says. “It is a tale of a world traveler visiting different parts of the world and collecting well-crafted and artisan items.”

Upon arrival, guests are greeted by a small retail space curated with international goods by interior designer Francesca DeShae as well as her own custom furniture. Glass ceilings and an abundance of lush greenery composes an ambiance reminiscent of greenhouse throughout the lofted interior. An eclectic materiality infuses a continental air as well, enlivening surfaces with elements sourced from locales like Costa Rica and India.

“The restaurant feels like it’s been around for a while,” Motamedi adds. “It is authentic, but also big and wild, and packed.” Chandeliers composed of aluminum cable organizers descend from high ceilings for context, while a grand staircase endowed with Moroccan tiles in a blue waterfall effect leads to the mezzanine. Located upon the mezzanine, the Mezcalaria Bar serves as a sanctuary, lined with stained glass imported from Berlin, dedicated to the eponymous spirit. Oaxacan pink stone tops a bar handpainted by Mexican artist Liene Ruban as well.

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