ilili DC is the newest tenant at the Wharf waterfront neighborhood in the Nation’s Capital. The restaurant boasts a seamless indoor-outdoor layout and distinguishes itself with a sustainable materiality and custom artisanal décor sourced from Lebanese artists.

New York-based architect Nasser Nakib partnered with local design studio //3877 to craft an eatery reminiscent of the charming residential gardens and courtyards found throughout Beirut. “Much of my inspiration came internally,” Nakib says, “drawing from past experiences and spaces I’ve loved in my childhood in Lebanon—courtyard houses with fountains, trees, plants, white doves, and cages.”

Large windows allow sunlight to pour in and reinforce a connection to the outdoors, while white doves embody love and peace as they descend from the space’s elevated ceilings. Repurposed barn materials add a whimsical flair to the design along with a central water fountain in the main dining room. Custom daisy floor tiles line the interior to perpetuate the Lebanese design influence of the late 19th century.

Similar to its sister restaurant in New York, ilili DC strays from conventional muted Victorian tones and instead embraces a vibrant, handpainted verve. “Furniture design, material selection, and colors, as well as the artwork follows in the theme of an orange or lemon orchard,” Nakib adds. Citrus trees and hanging plants throughout the restaurant further channel the abodes of Lebanon and obscure the division between inside and outside.

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