The JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa in Palm Desert, California has emerged from a multimillion-dollar renovation led by hotel owner Tiffany Lam alongside interior designer Kathleen Dauber of HBA. Blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces, the redesign draws inspiration from the physical, historical, and social environments found in Palm Desert.

“Palm Desert rests atop layers of physical and cultural heritage that are spun together by the desert waters,” Lam says. “Centuries ago, life and revitalization developed around the legendary Cahuilla Lake. Today, water flows underground via the Coachella Valley aquifer, which directs water like a vein from the heart of the Colorado River, bringing vibrant life to the city, flowing into pools, springs, and waterways. The water that defines human and plant life in the desert is referenced throughout the interior design of the hotel.”

Refreshing cool tones and layers of natural stone echo old water lines from the mountains to the valley floor, while rock and quartz artifacts and pottery sculpted from clay nod to early society. The desert theme is honored throughout the resort’s public spaces and accented by moments of sophistication, including custom oak millwork, crystal chandeliers, and custom carpeting.

Accommodations were also upgraded into idyllic desert oases complete with murals that depict mountainous silhouettes and custom wallpaper reminiscent of desert sunsets. Natural materials including oak floors, as well as quartz, marble, and terrazzo in bathrooms further channel the landscape.

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