Hilton’s LXR Hotels & Resorts brand has made its Asia-Pacific debut with the launch of Roku Kyoto. Nestled within the 28.6-acre Shozan Resort Kyoto and overlooking panoramic views of the Takagamine mountains, the upscale property infuses both traditional Kyoto design sensibilities with a modern Japanese aesthetic defined by soothing earthy tones and distinctive craftsmanship. BLINK Design Group spearheaded the project’s design, which was conceived to promote a sense of calm by honoring the landscape and blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces.

“We designed Roku Kyoto as a tranquil resort emphasizing the minimal aesthetic of Kyoto in an elegant and comfortable way,” says Clint Nagata, founder and creative director of BLINK. “The interiors were thoughtfully designed to feel warm and welcoming, and allow guests to feel connected to the wonders of Kyoto’s storied culture and the hotel’s idyllic natural surroundings.”

Located on the grounds of a former artisan colony where the classical Rinpa school of Japanese painting was founded nearly 400 years ago, Roku Kyoto is crafted to mirror an artist’s studio in homage to the legacy of the site. Nods to traditional Japanese art also abound with exquisite lacquerware at the entrance, ceramic artifacts in the spa, and decorative karakami paper in each of the 114 guestrooms.

Bamboo artwork also punctuates the onsite French eatery Tenjin. Named for the Tenjin River, the restaurant is anchored by a chef’s table, bar, and a tranquil indoor patio.

In addition to a 24-hour fitness center, the Roku Spa includes a dedicated lawn for yoga and meditation as well as an onsite hot spring equipped to pump naturally heated mineral water into the outdoor onsen pool.

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