Alpareno Restaurant Group and chef Niven Patel have launched Orno, a New American concept inside the Thesis Hotel Miami. Locally based Saladino Design Studios crafted the restaurant with an upscale-yet-inviting ethos that complements the earthen qualities of the locally sourced cuisine. “It is a story about genuineness, real ingredients, real materials,” says Saladino hospitality interior designer Patricia Duran. “The hero of the story will definitely be the food. We see our design as supporting characters that set up ‘the hero’ to a win.”

An open kitchen—equipped with a marble bar, fresh produce display, and wood-fired oven—serves as the nucleus of Orno. The space’s materiality was conceived to cure and age naturally. For instance, hues of green leafy herbs and rich soil are reflected in fern-green tiling and a moss-green ceiling, while walnut planters are suspended from the ceiling to infuse warmth. A range of handcut green and white custom tiles also adorn the back bar, side walls, and central column to showcase an individuality in texture and tone achieved through wood firing. Curved chairs, banquettes, and geometric pendant lighting, all configured upon terrazzo floors, add an architectural quality to the airy interior as well.

The seductive Library offers private dining room experience at Orno. The intimate 20-seat hideaway is distinguished by floor-to-ceiling bookshelves handpainted in navy with yellow accents, as well as velvet blush drapes. The wisdom of Plato is also included in the space via neon signage reading: “Knowledge is the food of the soul.”

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