The Ritz-Carlton, Chicago further elevates its upscale identity with the refresh of its guestrooms and suites. Led by San Francisco-based BAMO, the redesign evokes a contemporary majesty inspired by the Windy City’s esteemed, progressive architecture and industrial innovation.

“The overall design takes the iconic nature of the surrounding Chicago scene and fuses it with a contemporary feel, connecting the hotel’s public spaces and the destination in a timeless manner,” says BAMO principal Bill Quimby. “Overarching design elements and textures celebrate the verticality of the space while paying homage to the skyscrapers in the view beyond.”

The Solar gray stone found upon the hotel’s façade is echoed in the renovation, which also previously impacted public spaces like the lobby. The exterior flirting pattern animates journeys into each of the accommodations, where reinvigorated bathrooms are outfitted with gray linear stone floors and offset by arctic glacier white vanities that infuse a dash of minimalism.

A palette of blue and neutral gray anchor each chamber to reflect the seasonal skies and waters of Lake Michigan, while dark upholstered furnishings are reminiscent of rippling water. Headboards also mirror the lobby touchups with a custom patterned wallcovering that mimics the hotel’s modern brass screens.

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