Dubai-based design studio XO Atelier has unveiled its design of the new Society Dubai café in the Emirati locale. Inspired by the unparalleled natural vistas of the United Arab Emirates, the F&B concept was crafted to exude openness complemented by a color story that instills a welcoming sense of place.

“It was hugely significant for our client that we establish a visual philosophy that appealed to the contemporary Emirati consumer. One that demonstrates a more minimalistic, pure approach to lifestyle and that subverts gilded notions of what constitutes the ‘local’ design aesthetic,” says XO Atelier creative director Vera Dieckmann. “Together, we developed a look and feel that represents the nouveau majlis, an easy and pared-back approach to living that is accessible and international.”

Geometric forms and clean lines define the airy interior, which is anchored by a central bar and display area. The glass façade gently infuses natural light through sand-colored curtains, illuminating pervasive earth tones and bright green accents in the form of tactile velvet and potted palms. Boucle fabrics pay homage to midcentury design sensibilities throughout the space, while woven cane panels create partitions and serve as warm focal points.

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