Japanese designer and artist Tokujin Yoshioka has crafted the latest retail space for fashion designer Issey Miyake’s A-POC ABLE brand in Kyoto. A futuristic interior awaits within a nearly-200-year-old machiya-style house—complementary to Miyake’s signature balance of history and hereafter.

“The main theme of the design was to harmoniously combine Japanese history and future,” Yoshioka says. “Together with modern metal fixtures it creates a contrast of traditions and innovations.”

A backdrop of blanched, gallery-like surfaces offsets the original dark timber elements of the structure along with metal and molded aluminum. In fashioning the interior fixtures, Yoshioka drew inspiration from the A-POC brand’s use of single pieces of fabric to compose each item of clothing. An extrusion molding technique was employed to render the recycled aluminum as a subtle intervention to the minimalist retail space. Original timber ceilings are punctured with a skylight at the heart of the space, while a mirrored wall discreetly leads serves as a portal to fitting rooms and other facilities.

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