Versace Home has unveiled its first flagship store in the heart of Milan’s Via Durini luxury corridor. Designed by Vudafieri Saverino Partners, the luxe retail concept embodies a marriage of classical and contemporary in an ornate space reminiscent of an upscale abode.

“Our intention was to make guests feel as if they were being welcomed into a luxury residence,” says the design firm’s cofounder Tiziano Vudafieri. “For this reason, the layout of the boutique resembles a home and features an entrance, hallway, dining room, study, long corridors, and a master suite with a bedroom and sitting room.”

Spanning nearly 5,400 square feet, Versace Home features an interior design scheme characterized by neutral tones, white monochrome floors, and dialectical accents. Upon arrival, guests are welcomed by an LED-lined entryway and various brand signatures. The brand’s iconic La Greca pattern adorns one wall as an opulent focal point, while pervasive gold leaf details unite the floors, walls, and metal mesh and further nod to the legacy of Versace. Furthermore, alternating gloss and matte marble floors were manipulated to establish a sense of contrast, while metal mesh panels stand in for curtains to evoke an industrial ethos.

“The goal was to create an environment with an eclectic character: a mix of classic and contemporary that would fully reflect the brand’s personality,” Vudafieri adds. “We focus the attention in inserting elements that recalled the Versace codes.”

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