Pigtail, the first speakeasy from José Andrés and ThinkFoodGroup, has debuted inside the brand’s newest Jaleo outpost in Chicago’s River North neighborhood. Named with a portmanteau of ibérico pork and cocktail, Pigtail celebrates its namesakes across a sultry basement space conceived by Barcelona-based firm Capella Garcia.

The colorful vibrancy of Jaleo is defied as guests descend the stairs to Pigtail, which is bathed in a palette of black and pink tones. Playful porcine iconography animates the space from curly pigtails to flying pigs adorning mirrors.

Pigtail’s logo graphics also further informed the design. “We played with the name in the logo graphic,” says Capella Garcia architect Juli Capella. “At the center is the pig’s tail, which becomes with a stroke in the shape of an ‘O’ into a dynamic and whimsical shape. Illuminated in pink, this shape decorates the space without visually overloading it.”

Beneath soft, sensual lighting, inviting sofas and armchairs line the lounge space accented by pink velvet curtains and complementary chairs and stools. Comfort is emphasized across the design, including the small bar, which is designed to promote engagement. Capella adds, “Although bar means barrier, here it is a union.”

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