The verve and creative spirit of Los Angeles radiates from the newly opened Apple store at the Grove retail hub in the city’s Mid-City neighborhood. Spread across one level, the buoyant Apple the Grove is the tech giant’s latest outpost designed by Foster + Partners and is crafted to inspire creativity, reinforce nature, and embody the progressive spirit of LA.

“The initial vision was to create the most pleasant and stimulating environment for everyone, by drawing the trees from the Grove through the store onto West 3rd Street,” says Foster + Partners head of studio Stefan Behling. “It brings together the special light, the trees, the spirit of the film and entertainment industry, and the art of illusion, all within the soaring volume of the store, amplified by the mirrored ceiling. The store is quintessentially Apple, marrying the outdoor lifestyle with the creativity and innovative spirit that is intrinsic to the way they work.”

The locally inspired design is characterized by a triple-height, rectilinear interiors clad with Castagna stone and mirrored ceilings composed of a specialized stretched fabric that further amplifies the airiness of the 60-foot-tall space. Large linear skylights also flood the store with abundant daylight and incite a rhythmic shadowplay on the walls, while a glazed façade blurs the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.

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