The Freehand New York has announced the launch of two new bar concepts: Georgia Room and Bar Calico. Inspired in part by the American Southwest and artist Georgia O’Keefe, the venues portray a contemporary twist on the conventional aesthetic of desert landscapes. Designer Melissa Bowers also drew inspiration from O’Keefe’s personal photography to adorn both bars with a dose of iconic, elevated style.

“Georgia Room is our bold and expressive room where all is exposed and wildly so. Bar Calico is our intimate salon where you want to be cozy and reserved. Both spaces have an underlying sense of rhythm to them,” Bowers says. “We want the guests to feel like they’ve arrived for a retreat at one of their closest artisan friends homes. The spaces each have their own identity but both have the thread of warmth with sexy energy that match any time of day and night.”

Totaling a combined 8,000 square feet, both spaces echo their New York backdrop through the revitalization of original 1930s architecture. A color palette anchored by warm red hues complements the Freehand’s quasi-Southwestern color story as well, while mirrors and reflection expand the atmospheres of both the Georgia Room and Bar Calico. Abundant leather, taxidermy rattan, and natural and indigenous textiles line each space to compose a distinctive, American sense of modernism.

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