The ground floor of the Irby residential complex in the Buckhead section of Atlanta has been invigorated with the addition of the new café and market Le Bon Nosh. Totaling 6,300 square feet, the concept promotes community and quality through a holistic design by Los Angeles-based studio Commune that’s influenced by Le Bon Nosh founder Forough Vakili.

“Everything is there for a reason that makes sense to Forough and the ethos of her company,” says Commune principal Roman Alonso. “We just helped to translate her uniqueness into a physical space.”

The expansive indoor-outdoor concept is anchored by an open display kitchen and a custom range that serves as an immediate focal point upon arrival. The space is flanked by a market outfitted with custom communal oak tables on one side and a formal dining room and wine bar on the other. A barista station, bakery, grab-and-go section, and a display of kitchen essentials also compose the market.

The interiors are sundrenched via floor-to-ceiling windows and accented by saffron velvet curtains. Elegant chandeliers and sconces also illuminate the space. Pale blue and earthy teal plaster echo the palette of the French coast, which is further reflected in a painting by artist Tyler Hays.

A secret mezzanine is also featured onsite and houses a private dining space adorned with handpainted wallpaper, built-in furniture with walnut accents, and a constellation of light fixtures that form the star signs of Vakili’s children.

“Anything in the space needed to be as special as a pastry in a French patisserie but as wholesome and simple as the local ingredients used,” Alonso adds. “It needed to feel like the backdrop for a community. The village square—that sort of thing.”

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