The upscale Shanghainese and Hunan eatery Moments Together has opened as the newest F&B concept at the Elements commercial hub in the Kowloon section of Hong Kong. Local interior design firm Minus Workshop helmed the design, which draws inspiration from the ancient Guyaju Caves in Beijing while also conveying a retro vibe alongside rounded arches and irregular shapes.

“These auspicious forms are blended all over the place, which also caters the idea of combining Chinese and Western culture,” Minus Workshop says in a statement. “Customers’ dining experience will feel like a cave full of mystery and excitement of being devoured.”

Grotto-like windows frame views into the interior, which recalls Old World Shanghai ballrooms decorated with nostalgic and Western details. Liquified copper infuses opulence upon arrival, while Carrara-colored stucco and limestone elements support the cavernous theme. Sophisticated banquettes are paired with flexible table options, which include one side equipped with light fixtures installed above each seat and another side outfitted with convertible tables.

Lined with a plaid flooring pattern that echoes the lattice mirror ceilings overhead, a semi-private dining area also stands out with soothing lantern-like fixtures, while the VIP dining room on the far end of the restaurant features bronze and copper mirrors for a luxe flair. Resin artwork heightens the drama as well.

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