MO de Movimiento, a recently opened restaurant in Madrid, takes a new approach to responsible consumption. Locally based designer Lucas Muñoz Muñoz furnished the space with locally sourced and repurposed materials—setting out to reduce the ecological footprint left behind by these materials and their transport by more than 70 percent.

The result is an environment that bucks formalist actions to instead invite an exploration of its substance and details. “MO de Movimiento is an innovative proposal with a long history that mirrors the conviction that businesses can be a springboard for change,” says MO de Movimiento cofounder Javier Antequera. “It considers and takes responsibility for each decision, both in relation to the profits account and to people and the planet. Profitability will be the natural result of our values and a job well-done.”

Rubble from the demolition of the site’s original structure was upcycled into benches, which are clad with cushions made from reused textiles. The kitchen is lined with tiles composed of the remains of other construction sites, and the restaurant staff even don uniforms restored for secondhand use with natural dyes.

Cooling systems based on terracotta and water function use adiabatic temperature exchange to reduce the temperature. Water is also heated using the remnant power of the restaurant’s two pizza ovens. Onsite water undergoes triple filtrations and is pumped through different deposits, with handwashing water used to flush toilets and rainwater directed to irrigate the garden where the kitchen’s ingredients are grown.

“There is already a conscious public. However, they cannot find an alternative for responsible consumption in the city,” adds fellow cofounder Felipe Furell. “Not only do we believe in the values that propel MO de Movimiento forward, we also know this is the only way to hold a longterm company vision. Our purpose in transformation is to redefine our relationship with cities.”

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