The former World Trade Center in New Orleans has been meticulously revitalized to become the home of the Four Seasons Hotel New Orleans. New York- and New Jersey-based Bill Rooney Studio spearheaded the property’s transformation, which translates historic architectural elements through a modern lens.

In the lobby, the Chandelier Bar features an enveloping grand lighting installation composed of crystal and glass. The space is also populated with contemporary oak and iron shutters and artwork that instills a sense of intimacy.

London-based studio Alexander Waterworth Interiors crafted a sophisticated and vibrant F&B space, Miss River, which conveys a feminine elegance. Pastel, pink deep blue, and soft green echo the palette of the Lower Garden District, while timber joinery, antique mirrors, and high-gloss luster inject opulence. A pink quartz bartop also infuses a design-driven playfulness accented by a curved back bar and arched screens. “Miss River is designed to evoke the sensation of a signature experience in New Orleans, recognized for its feminine and contemporary take on historic and tactile influences known to its residents and all who visit, but not before realized with such grace and elegance,” Waterworth says.

Nature is reinforced across each guestroom with references to biophilia and patterns found throughout the Big Easy’s iconic gardens. Large plaster reliefs depict regional planting above beds, while soft oak accents, Carrara stone, and white shiplap walls compose a locally informed materiality. Modern furniture add a modern 20th-century character to each chamber as well.

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