The new Arkose Pont de Sèvres climbing facility in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France has been completed by Paris-based architecture studio Atelier du Pont. In addition to a pair of climbing walls that are visible to passersby, the 19,375-square-foot complex features fitness and yoga areas, a bar, restaurant, and shop.

The design of the space emphasizes sustainability through the the use of repurposed furniture and biosourced materials, including wheat grain paneling, cellulose acoustic modules, and locally sourced wood. “[We] furnished the climbing complex by sourcing more than 220 pieces of second-hand or repurposed furniture and accessories from professionals and private individuals alike,” says Atelier du Pont cofounder Anne-Cécile Comar. “

The layout of the project mirrors a bivouac shelter in order to render journeys through the facility experiential. “Its atypical, labyrinthine configuration suggests an immersive walk that assigns a hiking-related theme to each space,” adds cofounder Philippe Croisier. “Atelier du Pont designed a brand-new universe in this concrete environment.”

Across from the main entrance, a large bar is installed upon vertical chestnut logs sourced from the French region of Sologne. Metal racks are used as shelves overhead, while old climbing ropes were repurposed as curtains to add privacy to the space. Wood and patinaed metal adorn the nearby retail space as well.

A 50-foot-long fresco—comprising cellulose sound boards in green, beige, and gray tones—serves as the focal point of the onsite restaurant. Raw, unfinished wood tables populate the eatery, which evokes an alpine aesthetic with furnishings like mountain maps, hiking accessories, and sleds.

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