A new beauty salon, Dimart Studio, has been unveiled in the heart of Berlin’s historic Spandau district. Locally based design practice In&More maximized the salon’s 600-square-foot layout with a lively aesthetic that contrasts the heritage of the urban corridor. “It’s as if the visitor is instantly transported,” says In&More founder and CEO Katya Malaya.

Comprising a lobby, reception, manicure hall, main hairdressing hall, and designated selfie area, Dimart Studio is distinguished by abstract motifs and vibrant tones—from deep pink ochres to eccentric blue hues—sensitively applied to avoid distraction. “It was necessary to minimize the colored glare because they could interfere with the masters when dyeing hair,” Malaya adds.

A palette inspired by blush and lipstick offsets the brutal black-painted concrete ceiling, while soft lines and arches of the walls and partitions permeate a sense of levity and a dash of grandeur. Specks of color in the terrazzo floors and novel interventions like a colorful wooden grate and a clandestine cabinet conceal utilities while complementing the snappy atmosphere where modern and Memphis collide.

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