The ViennArt Hotel in Vienna’s trendy Spittelberg quarter has been revitalized and rebranded as the Hotel Gilbert. Refurbishments by locally based BWM Architekten convey a distinctive Scandinavian flair accented by abundant greenery and a stylish sense of openness.

“Our idea was to create a hotel that would appeal to us as the target audience,” explains Erich Bernard of BWM Architekten. By skillfully blending the various interior areas, BWM envisioned an extremely familiar atmosphere that befits the family-run hotel and sets it apart from corporate hotels. “Everything should be aesthetically pleasing and of high quality, but never forced,” Bernard adds. “Rather, it should be as casual and relaxed as possible.”

A central atrium serves as the nucleus of the hotel, with various details and different types of parquet flooring dividing the spaces into designated zones. Blue floor tiles span an indoor garden anchored by a large fountain, behind which a fireplace promotes coziness. A gallery encircles the atrium, housing access to conference and meeting facilities as well as a coworking space. Partitioned from the atrium areas with black wire mesh, all-day restaurant concept &flora is crafted to mirror a florist shop and further perpetuate the garden motif.

Guestroom hallways are adorned with a moody color palette, nodding to the calming dark tones of the Scandinavian vernacular. All 56 accommodations feature classic but timeless characteristics like traditional Viennese wickerwork that characterizes the room’s headboards and storage to subtly infuse a sense of place.

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